Five day bootcamp at the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA United Kingdom – Austrian Trade Commission

Even though theses days start up language seems to be laced with military terms, not my favourite, in retrospect it did seem a bit like a bootcamp. Five days of intense training, networking, pitching and exchange, initiated by the Austrian Trade Commision’s Renate Schnutt we managed to get a good look at London’s start up scene. It was a fantastic program, a great experience with interesting people and top notch experts from the start up scene. We were introduced to all that London has to offer in terms of business and know how. No newbies to London it was another look at London from a very different perspective. As a follow up we were offered another chance to immerse ourselves further into the London start up scene for one month in autumn.

Here are some impressions for those who never heard of it.

Note: Unfortunately the video is with some German parts.

Simone Boria

CEO Ada Productions



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