Explore our Assets and Samples

Our current library consists of 35 Assets and 150 Brushes and is split into two sets, one for creators and one for out of the box ready to use digital wound and blood assets.

Pored Skin Alpha’s Combined with VDM Burn Scars

Demo Alphas are utilized alongside our Demo VDM brushes and can create many sculptural effects and textures.

Zombie Skin Created with Alphas &
VDM Zombie Skin Created with Alphas & VDM brushes

Combining layers, morph targets with our Demo Alphas and Demo VDM Brushes, artists can explore design ideas faster.

Pored Skin (Large and Small) Created with Alphas

You can create skin textures by mixing our “tileable” Alphas in conjunction with other Alpha’s to create “texture washes.” And when saved to layers these designs can form a host of skin like effects.

Skin Alpha’s combined with VDM flash blister burns

Our sample set of burns can create the following effects: Fresh burns, healed scars, flash burns and build up layered surface texture effects both subtle and extreme.