It’s horrifically easy!

Ada Productions has developed an easy to use workflow for prosthetic make up effects in films, TV and games. It can save up to 50% production time and costs freeing up your team to be more creative and finish faster.
You can choose from our creators set or our out of the box 3D assets. Feel free to explore our library.


The benefits of using DMFX:
DMFX works in two distinct pipelines. You create and we create for you.

Create realistic wounds, scars and character skins in seconds.

With our library of VDM brushes and materials for creators you can get started straight away creating stunning effects without lengthy set up times. Take your skin effects to the next level!

Our materials easily integrate into most applications such as Maya, 3ds Max, Modo, Side FX.

Simply track and comp realistic wound, scar, skin and blood effects into any shot.

Our library of sculpted and painted 3D assets, designed by industry veterans in prosthetic make up effects frees up production teams on a tight budget and schedule. This will also help to move some of the special make up effects into post production, saving time on set. 

Get output content faster.



Ada Productions brings together a collection of industry experts, veterans and artists that work in the field of prosthetic make up, animatronics,VFX, SFX, theatre, advertising, games and film productions. We support the transition from analogue to digital production from a veterans point of view. 

We do not believe in effects for effects sake but common sense solutions to any problem that can arise when making films, TV shows or visual content. Ada Productions was created out of the desire to develop tools and workflows that can help with current production challenges in the visual field. We aim to bring state of the art products on the market that help to manage workflows, open up creative possibilities and raise the quality of any visual production. 

We partner up with the best in the industry and research to get the best results. The DMFX library is our first product and only the beginning. Behind the scenes we are investing in the future and hope to release the DMFX system very soon. We constantly invest in research and development to find the best solutions.

Simone Boria,
Founder & CEO

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